Beard Soap Bar

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These larger hand-made beard soap bars, weighing approximately 165g, should last you 2 – 3 months and therefore cost effective, are a careful mix of Coconut Oil and Vegetable Glycerine, and essential oils;

#LumberJack: a subtle, fresh and calming aroma of Rosemary, Pine Needle and Eucalyptus

#TheDon: a refreshing and invigorating scent and tingly effect of Peppermint and Tea Tree.

The combination of coconut oil and vegetable glycerine will moisturise, soften and rejuvenate your skin and beard, encourage hair growth while the anti-bacterial properties of the essential oils will repair your skin, soothe razor burns and rashes.

Our soaps are animal by-product, alcohol, and chemical free that are found in many of today’s soaps and shampoos. In fact, you can even use on your head. Our shampoo will leave your beard – and mop of hair – soft, smooth, moisturised and with a healthy shine!



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  • Wet your beard, rub the soap bar on your beard (and head, if you so wish), just once – this soap makes a frothy white mass of bubbles so you don’t need to rub the soap over your beard too much. Massage soap into your beard and moustache with your fingertips for a minute or two, then rinse with warm water
  • Towel dry your head, face and beard
  • For best results, apply our beard oil and moustache wax, comb or brush through and style accordingly

Stand back, and admire your smooth, glossy and healthy beard and smoothly styled beard!

And you’re now good to go!


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