Beard Balm 130ml

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  • 130ml of beard balm
  • Aluminium screw top tin
  • Last up to six months, depending on length and thickness of your beard and daily usage
  • Shelf life of 12 months

What makes our beard balm unique and so popular?

Our hand-made beard balm is a specific mix of:

  • Beeswax
    • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits making it helpful in treating skin irritation
    • Helps to naturally stimulate hair growth
  • Coconut Oil
    • Vitamin-E: healthy skin growth and prevents premature aging and wrinkling of the skin
    • Encourages hair growth, reduce hair loss and restore protein loss in dry damaged hair
  • Shea Butter
    • Extremely rich natural source of two important vitamins, namely vitamin A and E. Vitamin
  • Argan Oil
    • Regulates the pH balance of the skin, which in turn protects against sun exposure and other damage
    • Improve skin elasticity and hold moisture in the skin and hair
  • Jojoba Oil
    • Helps to treat acne, reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and heal scars
    • Prevents the skin from becoming too oily
  • Sweet Almond Oils
    • Deficiency of magnesium and calcium, in particular, results in poor hair growth and hair loss. Zinc is another important mineral for healthy hair. Almond oil is rich in all of these minerals

The Three Scents:

#SexySpice: Bergamot, Cinnamon, Sandalwood and White Grapefruit essential oils gives this beard balm an alluring, sexy and assertive scent.

#CoolMint: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint and Tea Tree essential oils give this beard balm an invigorating pick-me-up and fresh scent

#ZestyCitrus: Grapefruit, Lemon, Lemongrass and Sweet Orange essential oils gives this beard balm a refreshing and calming scent.


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  • Towel dry your head, face and beard after a shower. Apply a small amount onto your palm – the amount required depends on the bulk of your beard – and rub your hands together to warm up and soften the balm. Work your hands through your beard from the underside up, and from top to bottom
  • Use our wooden comb to work the balm through your beard hair from root to tip, styling accordingly
  • Stand back, and admire your smooth, glossy and healthy beard
  • For best results, use our beard shampoo, beard oils and moustache wax in conjunction with the beard balm

And you’re now good to go!


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Beard Balm

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