Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Beard Grooming Products:

Beards need grooming, just like the rest of your body, but more importantly we only use all natural ingredients. Standard off the shelf soaps and shampoos etc contain sulphates which strip your skin and beard hair of its natural oils, damages and dries out your hair follicles and hair.

We’ve chosen specific ingredients that will moisturise your skin, prevent itchiness, condition and encourage beard growth, with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

All of our beard grooming products are hand-made and DO NOT contain any chemicals, additives, animal by-products or alcohol..

What is the difference between our three beard oils?

The base oil (made up off Argan, Jojoba and Grapeseed oils) are the same in all three oils so each beard oil does the same thing i.e. encourage a thicker, healthier and faster growing beard. What does differ are the essential oils and their scents in each beard oil. Go to the Shop page, click on image of #Hipster/#Mountain Man/#Rebel beard oil and all the info you need will come up.

How often and when should I apply the beard oil?

It’s best to apply the beard oil after a shower as the warm water opens up the pores in your skin and your beard hair so the oil is absorbed properly. Apply the beard oil at least once a day, but if you feel your beard is on the dry side, you can use it twice a day. .

How much beard oil do I need to use at a time:

As a guideline, we recommend 3 – 5 drops for short beards, 6 – 9 drops for medium length, for long beards, you can use 10 – 15 drops, but if your beard is long and thick, you can use a whole pipette length.

If you feel your skin is too oily, then reduce the amount of drops steadily until you find just the right amount for you.

Short Beard

Medium Beard

Long Beard

What’s the difference between our soap bars and shampoo?

We simply offer two types of cleansers; soap bar or liquid shampoo to please all of our customers. Both are made from all natural ingredients with added essential oils. Go to the Shop page and click on the image of the beard soap bar or shampoo and all the info will come up, including the different scents

Can’t I just use ordinary soaps and shampoos?

Absolutely not! These off the shelf soaps and shampoos contain Sulphates, which strip your skin and beard hair of its natural oils. Natural oils are important to keeping your skin and hair moisturised. Our soaps and shampoo are filled with properties that will nourish your skin, hair follicles and hair to keep it moisturised, healthy and growing!

How often should I use the soap or shampoo?

Only every two to three days, unless you work in heavy industry like construction. Again, washing your beard – or even your head hair – very day is not necessary and will reduce your natural oils.!

What does the beard balm do?

Our balm is a leave-in conditioner and styling agent in one. The balm is made up five various oils and butters, so it’s creamy and an excellent conditioner, and thick so you can style and tame your beard. Tip: apply the beard oil, followed by the beard balm, then style with a comb or brush, and apply cold hair dryer to your beard to help set the balm.

What are the benefits of the moustache wax?

Our mo wax is made from beeswax, which gives its strong hold, and coconut oil to soften the mo wax enough to work it into your moustache, style the mo as you wish, then let is set. You may experience the mo wax drying out during the course of the day, especially in dry, warm conditions, which is normal (your skin and hair is designed to absorb your natural oils), so we recommend you leave you wax at the office or in the car to apply later on in the day.

Wooden comb or boar bristle brush?

Depends on the length and thickness of your beard. The boar bristle brush is excellent for short to medium length beards, but if you have a long, full beard the comb will work better to comb out your beard. Don’t use cheap plastic combs – these tend to have sharp points, which scratch your skin and break your beard hair. Our wooden combs have wide, thick teeth so it doesn’t damage your beard hair, especially if it’s on the dry side. Also good to note; if you beard is wet, towel dry it as much as possible before combing it to prevent breakage.

Where can I find a barber or salon to trim my beard:

Go to our stockist page on our site and you’ll find an interactive map and list of all the salons and barber shops we recommend, that also sell our range.


You have two options: buy directly from us via our online store or through one of our stockists:

Online Store:

How to order online:

  • Go to
  • Select the individual items or combo pack that you want
  • Checkout
  • Complete the form – ensure all your details are 100% correct
  • In the NOTES box you can add what, if anything, you want engraved on the comb (engraving of the comb will take an extra day or two)
  • Pay via PayFast or EFT (if you opt for EFT, the banking details will come up on the next page)

Order Confirmation, Dispatch and Delivery

  • Once the order is complete and payment has been made (please email POP if payment is made by EFT), we will reply via email to confirm your order and payment
  • Your order will be dispatched within 24 working hours of receiving the order and payment or otherwise stipulated in the order confirmation email
  • Delivery takes 2 – 3 working days, depending on your exact location. Remote areas may take an extra day or two


  • Go to for an interactive map and list of all the salons, barbershops, tattoo parlours, men’s lifestyle stores, bike shops etc that sell our products
  • Stockists only sell individual items. If you want a combo pack, you will need to buy it online
  • Not all stockists carry our full range of products and accessories, so check with them first!
  • Products can cost up to R20-00 more per item compared to online so as to cover their administrative and courier costs